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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Orkid & Ubat.

Orkidla tertarik dengan artikal yang dibuat oleh Nature Products. Network. berkenaan dengan Orkid

Orchid Medicine

Orchids, particularly the species Dendrobium officinale, have been used as medicinal herbs for centuries. New research has discovered many new applications of the different orchid species, and today there are at least 50 orchid species used especially in traditional Chinese medicine formulas.

The use for dried orchids ranges from immune system build-up, to cancer treatment, eye-sight improvement, regaining strength after healing (for healers) and quick recovery after sex.

The parts of the orchids used most frequently are the stems and bulbs, as they are designed to keep the plant alive during dry season, and hence are rich in nutritive substances.

Typical dried Dendrobium stems as they are used as herbal tea.

The natural resources of orchids have been over-harvested dramatically in recent years. There is an urgent need for sustainable and organic production. TianZi is pursuing such ecologically friendly production for many species in China.

One particularly fine tea is the tea from orchid flowers. This is a product of finest quality and exclusivity.

Orchid flower tea from Dendrobium chrysotoxum flowers.


A truly rare treat not only for orchid lovers...

Bagi yang berminat untuk mengetahuinya dengan lebih lanjut sila layari laman sesawang http://www.natureproducts.net/Forest_Products/Orchids/Medicine/medicine.html

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