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-------------------- Salam Sejahtera --------------------

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coelogyne NoID.

Friday, 4 September, 2009;

Thanks a lot for the new pics, it confirms what I thought :it looks very much like C. testacea at first sight, but has criterias belonging to C. pulverula, including the long narrow bulbs.

It has the few flowers, green colour, colouring of midlobe and front keels of C. testacea, but the veined side-lobes covering the column and the bracts of C. pulverul. aI wonder if it could not be a hybrid between the 2 species, as they could be found growing anf blooming together. Do you think you could know from your local grower how he got his plant ?

I'll upload close-ups of the front keels of both species that you can compare with your plant !

Friday, 4 September, 2009;
Thank you very much Ma'am,
As your wish, today i'm upload whole plant with Inflorescence flower.
IMG_5762 by you.IMG_5764 by you.
Latest 3hb September 2009;

Hi Shaiful, Glad to help if I can !

The white one is C cumingii, should be delightly fragrant ! The second one might be C. testacea but I have a doubt, could you upload a photo of the whole plant in spike please?

Elisabeth a.k.a Coelogyne
(Gambar ini diambil pada 20hb Julai 2009

Gambar ini diambil pada 15hb Ogos 2009

Gambar ini diambil pada 23hb Ogos 2009

Gambar ini diambil pada 27hb Ogos 2009
IMG_5729.jpg picture by shaifuls
Gambar ini diambil pada 29hb Ogos 2009
IMG_5734.jpg picture by shaifuls
Gambar ini diambil pada 30hb Ogos 2009IMG_5737.jpg picture by shaifuls
Gambar ini diambil pada 31hb Ogos 2009IMG_5739.jpg picture by shaifulsIMG_5741.jpg picture by shaifuls
Gambar ini diambil pada 1hb September 2009 Full bloom.
IMG_5756.jpg picture by shaifulsIMG_5757.jpg picture by shaifulsIMG_5760.jpg picture by shaifuls
Melihatkan gaya macam Coelogyne dayana, mungkin versi lain sikit jika dibandingkan dengan Coel. dayana dari internet.

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